| Scientists Warn of Potential Asteroid Impact that Could Occur in as Little as Three Months
The asteroid, measuring about 131 feet (40 meters) in diameter, is the only celestial body in the European Space Agency's 'Risk List' catalogue said to have a chance of hitting our planet this year. An asteroid known as 2006QV89 has a small chance of striking Earth, according to a recent Risk List update by the ESA. ESA astronomers say the asteroid could strike our planet on 9 September, with the chance of this happening estimated to be about 1 in 7,299. According to the ESA, if its present course continues, the asteroid will pass some 6.85 million km from Earth. NASA classifies 'potentially hazardous asteroids' as those approaching to within about 7.5 million km of our planet, and those whose diameter reaches 460 feet. 2006QV89 already made multiple passes past Earth throughout the 20th century, with close approaches listed starting in the early 1950s, although it was first seen through a telescope only in 2006 by astronomers at the Catalina Sky Observatory in Arizona. If the asteroid