| Scholars Think They May Have Possibly Found the Location of Eden
While some scholars focus their attention on Mesopotamia as the likely location of Eden, one archaeologist speculated that the biblical garden may be located in a different place, where Adam, the first man, was allegedly buried. Archaeologists scouring the arid plains and hills of the Middle East in search of traces of past civilisations stumbled upon what might be the location of the fabled Garden of Eden, the biblical paradise from which Adam and Eve were expelled from by God, the Daily Express reports. According to the newspaper, the clues found in the Book of Genesis, which references the rivers of Tigris and Euphrates, led scholars to a site known as Gobekli Tepe, described by the National Geographic's documentary "The Story of God With Morgan Freeman" as "the biblical location of Eden". "So we've had radiocarbon data and they've come back as 9,400 BC", Dr Lee Clare from the University of Cologne said when describing the contents of one of the site's enclosures to the TV series.