| Return of the Unidentified Ring of Lights in the Sky over Minnesota
In a previously shared article on September 14, residents from Shakopee Archery Range, Jackson Township and Stillwater in the state of Minnesota, saw a strange ring of lights resembling a flying saucer... see the previous article here. via UfosightingsHotSpot: The mysterious ring of light has appeared again and this time above Bloomington, Minnesota on September 30, 2018, see image above (headline image). The flying saucer-like object has been photographed by a couple who were driving home from downtown Minneapolis and when they exited the highway in Bloomington, they saw a small-ish band of light in the sky. As they continued on the road, the circular "orb-ish" object appeared to get larger, with about a dozen points of brighter light with a slightly dimmer ring connecting them. It just hovering in the sky, there was no movement and it was not the moon shining behind a cloud, according to the witnesses. Mufon case 95253. {end of source} Might this be just a hoax using a drone or