| Researcher Becomes Fearful Because of What He Discovered in the Nevada Desert
A individual from Battle Mountain, Nevada decided to scan the Earth for artifacts after reading about an old story about a crashed UFO in the Nevada desert. Here below is his statement which he has submitted to Mufon case 95617: "I believed it to be cattle ranch but on further looks believed it may be tourist fake. After realizing after a month of research it can't be, I became scared. The only American I reached was Kristen Desilva ( He probably refers to Desilva who works as a content producer at Fox5-Vegas). She then suggested George Knapp. He never responded and next day Desilva had blocked me." "All attempts to pass this on have failed." Triangle Coordinates : 40°20'41"N 117°20'48"W The ELY sighting: He believes everything points to it being the ELY sighting crash site. Nearly six decades ago, it is claimed a UFO crashed near ELY. That's nearly the whole story. You'll find a date: August 14, 1952 and 16 bodies recovered. The microfilm on the Ely Times from August of 1952 in three