| Project Twinkle – A UFO Investigation
During the latter part of the 1940s, a curious phenomenon was repeatedly seen in the skies over New Mexico. USA: strange, green, glowing balls of light which seemed to take a great deal of interest in the various military and defense establishments which existed in the area at the time. On May 25, 1950, Lieutenant Colonel Doyle Rees, of the USAF Office of Special Investigations, wrote a confidential memo to Brigadier General Joseph F. Carroll, the Director of Special Investigations. In part, it stated: "In a liaison meeting with other military and government intelligence and investigative agencies in December 1948, it was determined that the frequency of unexplained aerial phenomena in the New Mexico area was such that an organized plan of reporting these observations should be undertaken. The organization and physical location of units of this District were most suitable for collecting these data, therefore, since December 1948, this District has assumed the responsibility for