| Pilot was in Control of Ill-Fated MH370 Flight 'Until the End' – Reports
There have been multiple versions to date as to what had happened to the Malaysian Airlines flight that carried 239 passengers and crew. One of the most recent theories to be brought forward is that the pilot purposefully steered the plane into the ocean, however French investigators' newly made assumptions point to something different. The pilot of the ill-fated Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was in control of the airplane "until the end," Le Parisien cited French investigators as saying after they had reportedly analysed a batch of "crucial" flight data. They went on to state that the said data "lends weight" to the assumption that "someone was behind the control stick when the plane broke up in the Indian Ocean," going on to detail that "certain abnormal turns made by the 777" could only be carried out by hand. "Someone was in control," the source was cited as adding, going on to state that although "it's too early to assert categorically but there is nothing to suggest anyone else