| Phil Schneider Revealed a Huge Secret About the Greys Before He Was Murdered
Phil Schneider was a government geologist who had seventeen years of experience involved with black ops. Phil Schneider was working for the U.S. government building underground bases. He held a Level 3(Rhyolite 38) security clearance. Schneider said he was one of three survivors in a battle with aliens in August 1979. He died on January 17, 1996 under suspicious circumstances. Schneider, disturbed by what he had witnessed while working in black ops, felt it was his duty to warn his fellow countrymen about the insidious grey agenda for a new world order. New Age author Alex Christopher interviewed Phil Schneider shortly before his death. She recounts a story Schneider told her over lunch. 'Phil told me about the time when he was in the battle in the underground cavern where they accidentally broke into a nest of greys. The one thing that I remember so well is the description of the large grey's eyes. He said that in the fight with them, one of them that he killed, the eye shields popped