| Paranormal Activity Terrifies Lehigh Acres Family
Upon moving into their new home, Elizabeth Lightfoot and her family started to experience unusual occurrences. via unexplained-mysteries: The house, which is situated on 7th Street West in Lehigh Acres, Florida, had seemed like the ideal family home until it became apparant that there may already be something else living there. "I don't want to talk to it," said Elizabeth. "I don't want to communicate with it. I just want it to get out, but it doesn't want to get out so we have to move." The phenomena started out relatively innocuously with the family hearing sudden loud noises or finding that objects had inexplicably moved from one part of the house to the other. Soon, however, things started to take a rather sinister turn. "It broke our TV and our blender," said Elizabeth. "I had to tie my cabinet shut. It even threw a knife at me. I don't even want to go anywhere by myself in the house." Desperate for answers, the family called in paranormal investigator Lee Ehrlich. "I would say