| Nibiru aka Planet X Will Strike Earth in December, Conspiracy Theorists Claim
Despite utter failure of doom of Earth predictions in 2003, 2007, 2012, and 2015, conspiracy theorists aren't calling it quits and according to a new claim, Nibiru aka Planet X will strike Earth in December. Conspiracy theorists on the web are citing a video that is an alleged NASA video wherein the projected path of Nibiru aka Planet X has been shown. If we are to believe the video, it is in December 2016 that Earth will meet with a catastrophic end and everything will cease to exist. Check out the video below: The first time the chatter of Planet X (Nibiru) was heard on the Internet was through a mail sent across to the newsgroup, wherein the Bode's Law was being discussed. In the mailer, Darrell R.Stewart talks about the possibilities of a yet undiscovered planet of the Solar System and tries to provide scientific credibility to his claims by citing Bodes's Law. According to this law, "a planet should be orbiting our sun at 2.8 astronomical units distance" and