| Next-Generation Wireless Networks Cleared by FCC Despite Health Concerns
The wireless communications industry is rushing to blanket the nation with next-generation networks whose health effects are unknown. Despite studies linking radiation from existing networks to cancer in lab animals, the Federal Communications Commission and state legislators are bowing to industry lobbyists and clearing the way for the new networks. The FCC recently voted to exclude base stations for new 5G wireless networks from review under federal environmental and historic preservation laws. Meanwhile, almost two dozen states have passed laws, pushed by wireless lobby groups, to override local ordinances that would regulate the siting of these new base stations, which could be installed on nearly every telephone pole in the U.S. Other states are considering similar legislation. In 2016, the National Toxicology Program released draft results of a seven-year study on the health impacts of cellphone radiation. NTP scientists found an increase in heart, brain and many other