| New Evidence Breakthrough Further Strengthens the Likelihood of Planet Nine (Planet X?) Existence
Evidence pointing at the existence of Planet Nine (Planet X?) continue to mount with a new study shedding light on how a binary asteroid system could have been been pushed apart into separate orbits because of influence from a massive planet beyond Pluto. Ever since the first study by Caltech researchers that claimed to show through orbits of Kuiper belt objects that there could be a planet lurking beyond the Solar System, there has been a renewed interest in Planet Nine (Planet X?). Check out video that talks about the original study that first claimed to prove existence of Planet Nine below: Now a new study that looked at two distant asteroids that were allegedly influenced by Planet Nine claims that the orbits of the two asteroids are almost identical and the poles of the orbits are separated by a very small angle. The asteroids are 2004 VN112 and 2013 RF98. These two distant objects starting as a pair orbiting one another became gradually separated in their orbits because they