| Mummified Aliens Discovered in Nazca Tomb Were Alive at One Time, Scientists Claim
Scientists working on a project to prove that our ancient ancestors may have been visited by aliens have made the "world changing" claims in a video. Last June claims emerged several bizarre mummified so-called alien bodies were found in a remote tomb in Nazca, Peru. Mainstream scientists and archaeologists branded it a sick hoax, saying the bodies had been created using genuine mummified human remains from the area that had been dug up by grave robbers. However, a team of researchers and scientists working with conspiracy theory website have continued to examine the corpses and claim they have now proved they are not reconstructed hoaxes, and the creatures once walked the Earth as they appear. The most bizarre mummies are three short humanoids, said to have reptilian skin, alien-like heads, and three fingers and toes. Dr Raymundo Salas Alfaro, a Peruvian radiologist, who is part of the team, has put his reputation on the line to say they were once alive, after looking at CAT