| Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory Persists
The idea that the Moon landings were faked still remains one of the most enduring of all conspiracy theories. Peter Knight - a professor of American Studies at the University of Manchester - explores the origins of the Moon landing conspiracy and why some people still believe that we never went to the Moon. Bill Kaysing was a former US Navy officer who worked as a technical writer for one of the rocket manufacturers for NASA's Apollo moon missions. He claimed that he had inside knowledge of a government conspiracy to fake the moon landings, and many conspiracy theories about the Apollo moon landings which persist to this day can be traced back to his 1976 book, We Never Went to the Moon: America's Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle. The basic template of the conspiracy theory is that NASA couldn't manage to safely land a man on the moon by the end of the 1960s as President John F Kennedy had promised, so it only sent astronauts into Earth orbit. Conspiracy theorists then argue that NASA