| Mini Ice Age Possible, Indicated by Record High Cosmic Rays Entering Earth's Atmosphere
The solar minimum is well and truly here after scientists recorded an all-time high in cosmic rays, meaning Earth could face a 'mini Ice Age'. Some ten years ago, scientists noticed an all-time high in cosmic rays - rays which originate from deep space, not to be confused with solar rays. Now, scientists have noticed cosmic rays are back on the up as the Sun goes deeper into a solar minimum. The Sun follows cycles of roughly 11 years where it reaches a solar maximum and then a solar minimum. During a solar maximum, the Sun gives off more heat and is littered with sunspots. Less heat in a solar minimum is due to a decrease in magnetic waves. Fewer magnetic waves equates to the Sun being slightly cooler, and experts are expecting the solar minimum to deepen even further before it gets warmer. With less magnetic waves coming from the Sun, cosmic rays find it easier to penetrate Earth's atmosphere and are more noticeable to scientists. While cosmic rays have little effect on our planet,