| Military Press Briefing by US and NATO Generals: We're Ready for War with Russia
According to reports of US Army Europe, some 4,000 US troops and 2,000 tanks have arrived in Germany in transit from Bremerhaven to Poland. The troops are from the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team of the 4th Infantry Division. These US troops will join up with those deployed by several NATO member states. According to reports, the deployment on Russia's doorstep "will be ready" prior to the January 20 inauguration of president Donald Trump. A press briefing by US and German military commanders involved in the deployment of US-NATO Armed Forces to Russia's border was held. (video of press briefing below published on January 09, 2017) It should be emphasized that this deployment is part of Operation Atlantic Resolve 2016 which has been ongoing for several months. It's purpose is also to put pressure on Russia, largely in view of Russia's military involvement in Syria. Media coverage While several international media including RT and Reuters were present at this press briefing, coverage