| Meteor Fireball Picked on Police CCTV Raining 'Purple Light' Over Northern Territory, Australia
A meteor has lit up the Northern Territory night sky with a flash that created "daylight" in Alice Springs and a noise that shook windows. NT Police Duty Superintendent James O'Brien said officers received a phone call from an Alice Springs resident just after midnight, and quickly started checking their own CCTV vision. The footage show the meteor also shooting over Tennant Creek, more than 500 kilometres north of Alice Springs. "We were a bit dubious about it," he said. But then we started looking around our CCTV and the one in Tennant Creek sees this beautiful purple light coming down. "And the ones in Alice Springs basically show Alice Springs showing up like daylight. It was quite magnificent." Police received only one report from a town camp resident, saying the light lasted for about five seconds and there was a "massive thunder noise and rumbling like an earthquake". Police began making enquiries with other agencies, but then eventually turned to their own cameras. "We've got