| Massive Subterranean Molten Iron Lake Could Flip Poles and End Life on Earth
A MASSIVE lake of molten iron 1800 miles below the Earth's surface is starting to move – threatening the collapse of the planet's magnetic fields and potentially the end of life on Earth. The 260 mile wide stream of iron – almost as hot as the surface of the Sun – is not just moving but speeding up. Scientists believe the iron lake is an integral part of earth's current magnetic field structure and the disturbance could be an indicator the magnetic poles are preparing to flip or even being destroyed altogether. Without a magnetic field Earth would no longer be able to deflect solar winds which would then strip away our Ozone layer and leave humanity vulnerable to deadly doses of radiation. Earth would become as dead as Mars which lost its magnetic field and atmosphere about 4 billion years ago. This movement of the stream of molten iron currently below Russia and North America was discovered by the European Space Agency's trio of satellites, called Swarm. Launched in 2013 they can