| Mars Was Once Blue and a "Water World" Like Earth, Claims Professor
The red planet is considered by the collaborating authors as the likeliest place for life to have evolved, as they claim in their book, called Planets, coming out next week. A new BBC2 series to be screened at the end of this month is set to reveal claims by Professor Brian Cox that the Earth could once have had three "blue planet" neighbours. According to Professor Cox, the three inhospitable planets, Mars, Venus and even Mercury, could possibly have had oceans and rivers on their surface. In "The Planets" documentary series, tracing mankind's exploration of our solar system, he will say that the piping-hot surfaces of Venus and Mercury and the ice-encrusted Mars might once have been suitable for life, reports The Times. Venus, the second planet from the Sun, and Earth's closest neighbour in the solar system, is known as "Earth's Evil Twin". Its temperatures can melt lead, and its atmosphere is thick with clouds of sulfuric acid. However, it was probably the first "water world", with