| Loud Boom Heard in Kingman, Arizona May Have Been a Meteor Strike
Residents all over Kingman heard a very large boom last night about 9:15 p.m. Reports poured in from Facebook with people saying the boom shook their house, their windows and scared their pets. Anise Wight, from Kingman, said on Facebook that the loud explosion was sometime after 9 p.m. "I live near Ames and Melody," said Wight. "I checked to make sure a neighbor's house didn't blow up." Another resident, Kari LeeAnn, said she heard it and went outside. "I saw what looked like lightning by the mountains from the northwest, so I thought it was just thunder," said LeeAnn. "I thought it was weird when I realized there wasn't hardly any clouds above me." Members of the public speculated on what the loud noise was. Their guesses ranged from a meteor, a pipe bomb, a methamphetamine lab explosion, a shed exploding, homemade hot air balloon bomb, gunshots and of course, aliens. But no one knows yet. At one point last night, Kingman resident Melissa Krump thought she had it figured out. She