| Judgement Day Map Found in Russia, Linked to Deadly Virus
Russian authorities discovered a document titled "Judgement Day map". According to Russian officials, the map depicts a "day of judgement" quote from the Qur'an on a document that they have linked back to a U.S. bio-weapons laboratory in Ukraine, where people have died from a mysterious new virus. According to this report, FSB Border Troops processed over 5,500 of these asylum seekers into Norway this past year with the majority of them being Syrian and Iraqi nationals—and as is the law and custom for all such border crossing of these types, the individuals seeking such a border crossing are subjected to a "severe/stringent" search of both their belongings and persons. On a near weekly basis, this report continues, FSB Border Troops specially trained for the task examine and document the contents of these "amnesty containers" prior to their destruction—and which in examining one such of them this mysterious map was discovered. In describing this mysterious map, this report notes, FSB