| Is Young Blood the Elixir of Life? Paypal Founder 'Obsessed with Defying Death', Considers Blood Transfusions from Youths
Editor's Comment: Looks like now there will be a need for a new "DONATE" button, one for donating blood...get it? get it? {hears crickets chirping and looks around} know, like the Paypal donate button haha! sorry couldn't resist... Billionaire PayPal founder Peter Thiel said that he believes transfusions of blood from young people can reverse his aging process and allow him to live a vastly extended lifespan. In an interview with's Jeff Bercovici, Thiel said that the practice — known as parabiosis — is the closest modern science has come to creating an anti-aging panacea. Thiel — a hedge funder who acted as a delegate for Donald Trump and spoke at the 2016 Republican National Convention — is reportedly obsessed with defying death and extending the human lifespan. He has injected funds into startups that are experimenting with ways to forestall the body's inevitable decline and death. "I'm looking into parabiosis stuff," Thiel told Bercovici, "where they [injected] the