| Is the 140,000-yr-old 'Baltic Sea Anomaly' a Crashed UFO 300ft Down on the Seabed?
THIS 200ft wide object 300ft below the Baltic, with its 'staircase leading to a dark hole' has baffled oceanographers since its discovery in 2012. Now explorers believe they are one step closer to discovering the truth behind the mysterious 140,000-year-old Baltic Sea Anomaly. Bearing a striking resemblance to the Star Wars Millennium Falcon, the Baltic Sea Anomaly appears to be formed of pieces of angular metal – prompting claims it is a crashed UFO. Swedish explorer Peter Lindberg and his Ocean X team of marine explorers discovered the strange object during a dive searching for an old shipwreck. Instead he discovered the so-called Anomaly. Denis Asberg, who made the discovery alongside Mr Lindberg, told TV4 in Sweden: "There is a mountain, It could be 20-25 metres tall with a canyon in the middle, and below it there is a lot of loose rocks. "The trail starts from here. Actually there is two trails. There is the one that leads to this large circle. Then there is another trail that