| Is Near Earth Object '2017 AM4' on Collision Course With Earth Set to Impact in 2024?
A recently discovered near Earth object may be cause for serious concern based on NASA's current data (though this could potentially change). Near Earth Object object '2017 AM4' is approximately .500 km or .311 miles in size. I (Stargazer, a writer here on BENDEDREALITY) often keep an eye on NASA's NEO (Near Earth Object) Impact Risk table. Recently there was an object that was highlighted and listed as 1 on the Torino scale and a -1.73 on the Palermo scale (FYI, it is extremely rare that an object every shows up as anything but 0 on the Torino scale). Here is a quick explanation of the scales to help understand it all: The Torino Scale is a method for categorizing the impact hazard associated with near-Earth objects (NEOs) such as asteroids and comets, there is a snapshot of it further in the article. The Palermo Technical Impact Hazard Scale is a logarithmic scale used by astronomers to rate the potential hazard of impact of a near-earth object (NEO). The way the Palermo scale works