| Holographic Deception & Psychological Manipulation
It has been rumored for quite some time that government may be capable of much more regarding technology than they reveal to the public. One aspect of technology that has been rumored to be at the disposal of government is the usage of holographic technology that can show a realistic hologram in the sky to entire societies. DECEPTION OF HOLOGRAPHIC TECHNOLOGY Strange sights have reportedly been seen in random areas that resemble something like a floating city. The unique thing about these sightings is that it is being seen from a variety of locations, but the reports of the sights all speak of the exact same sight. Witnesses have reported about this floating city from several continents. The most recent sighting has allegedly come all the way from China. It was then reported that a floating city with cars and car sounds were seen from Africa. The reason this has started to stir up some conspiracy theorists is that it leads to the question of whether the government is purposely