| H7N2 Detected and Transmitted to Domestic Cats as Bird-Flu Arrives in New York
First detection in US as virus increases around the world The rise of the Bird Flu virus in Europe this winter has now spread to the US South Korea- H5N6 virus was confirmed in mid-November, another 43 cases have been reported and close to 10 million chickens and ducks have been slaughtered with another 2.5 million to be culled. In Asia the disease which is also on the rise has now turned deadly and has killed a woman in China A rare strain of bird flu has infected at least 45 cats in a Manhattan animal shelter, officials said Thursday. The virus is thought to pose a low risk to humans but health officials are concerned that it could have infected additional cats that have already been adopted from Animal Care Center's Manhattan shelter. "Although this strain of the avian flu has only resulted in mild to moderate illness in some cats located in one shelter, we have begun to test staff and people in close contact with the cats out of an abundance of caution," said First Deputy Health