| Gov't Experiment Exposed: Thousands of Kittens Killed to Research Mind Control Parasite
A recent lawsuit against the USDA is seeking the details of a decades-long experiment to study a parasite in kittens that can literally influence human behavior Rep. Mike Bishop, a Republican representing Michigan's 8th District, exposed a program in May, as TFTP reported, that he calls "secretive and problematic" within the U.S. Department of Agriculture in which thousands of kittens are being incinerated in Maryland. Now, four months later, a lawsuit is claiming the USDA is blocking the release of information on the death of these kittens. The lawsuit, filed by the watchdog group, White Coat Waste Project, says the government-funded Animal Parasitic Disease Lab in Beltsville, Maryland, has euthanized thousands of healthy kittens after putting them through experiments related to food-borne illnesses in humans. "They kept this project a secret for virtually 50 years and have been fighting tooth and nail [not] to release details about it. We are not going to let them go dark again,"