| Google Exploits Loophole, Routes $23bn to Bermuda in 'Legal' Tax Avoidance Scheme
US tech giant Google moved some $23 billion in profits to a Bermuda tax haven in 2017, an increase of $4bn from 2016, newly released filings reveal. Google has exploited the loophole in the EU tax system for years. Google has used a Dutch shell company, called Google Netherlands Holdings BV, to shift billions of dollars to its another affiliate, Google Ireland Holdings, based in Bermuda, for years, to avoid being subjected to much higher US and European income taxes. The documents, filed by Google at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce on December 21, revealed that the Alphabet – owned company routed $22.7 billion through its Dutch company and on to a notorious offshore. The same documents show that Google paid some $3.4mn in taxes in the Netherlands that year. The scheme, popular with many international tech conglomerates, such as Apple and Microsoft, is known as 'Double Irish with A Dutch Sandwich' and typically involves two Irish companies and one registered in the Netherlands. Taking