| Geomagnetic 'Jerks' Responsible for Weakening Magnetic Field, Scientists WARN
"The scientific community received a bit of a scare recently amid reports that Earth's magnetic field was weakening, perhaps dangerously so, following news earlier this year that the magnetic North Pole was leaving the Canadian Arctic and heading to Russia's Siberia at an accelerated pace." via Sputniknews: A new study claims to have solved a mystery that has left scientists scratching their heads since 1978. Researchers from the Paris-based Institute de Physique du Globe and the Technical University of Denmark have carried out what may turn out to be groundbreaking new research into the movement of superhot liquid metal in the Earth's core, which they say is responsible for the powerful "jerks" rocking the planet and temporarily weakening its magnetic field every few years. The scientists used supercomputers to create a highly detailed model of the movement of core metal. Successfully aligning their simulations with actual jerks observed by scientists, they found that jerks may be