| Geoengineering: How Afraid Should We Be?
By guest writer Jeff Rudolph BENDEDREALITY.COM - March 2019 Geoengineering or climate engineering is exactly what it sounds like. It is playing God by taking things such as our weather, our climate, and the entire environment into our hands and manipulating it. It is recklessly destroying our planet. It is performing huge operations without our knowledge that are speeding up the clock on global warming. The fears we usually attach to global warming and watching Earth become the next Venus are flung far into the future. We see them as things that we need to take steps to improve now, but even on our current path, these doomsday scenarios won't play out in our lifetimes. The threat of geoengineering is that this time table we have for a runaway greenhouse scenario has been moved up. The time where it is too late to act is fast approaching, and the worst part of it is that we won't be told about that time until it is too late. Our only chance is to become aware of our dire situation while