| Former Pentagon Military Intell. Officer Basically Admits 'We are Not Alone!'
Well by now most of us have seen the stories all over the internet and even main stream media about the secretive program that was run by US Department of Defense which was kept under wraps but now revealed. We've all seen this type of footage before (ie. the Chile Miltary jet UFO encounter) and that never amounted to much so I was a little skeptical at first to even take this stuff seriously but I just watched an interview with former Pentagon Military Official Luis Elizondo who ran the UFO research unit and I have to say I'm floored. I do wish I had recorded the interview (update: found and added it). But hopefully some of you might have seen it as well. Essentially, Mr. Elizondo was asked a series of questions by the CNN anchor and I was blown away by what I heard. Here are some of things I found striking. The description of the crafts and their characteristics. He said that these crafts lacked the features of conventional air crafts (for example no wings), no obvious propulsion