| Ex-US Defence Official: 'We Know UFOs Are Real, But Why Are They Here?'
Despite multiple reports from Navy pilots about unknown aircraft sightings, which have taken the US and the whole world by storm, the Pentagon has long avoided using the term "UFOs" in its statements and reviews. However, last week, it actually resorted to it when detailing an effort overseen by the now formally abandoned AATI programme. In the wake of a bombshell report detailing Navy pilots' regular encounters with unidentified flying objects in 2014 and 2015, Christopher melon, former deputy assistant secretary of defence for intelligence, has issued a comment on the subject asserting that the issue has long been there and the government needs to finally resolve it. Mellon, who is currently partaking in a new History Channel series called "Unidentified", which will expound on the widely reported alien spaceship sightings discussed at length in a recent New York Times article. Appearing on "Fox and Friends" on Wednesday, Mellon, who has previously extensively covered the topic,