| Egyptian Mummified Hawk Is Something More Mysterious
We analysed a piece that had initially been classified as 'a mummified hawk with linen and cartonnage, Ptolemaic period (305 BC to 30 BC)'. Samantha Harris, collections manager at the Maidstone Museum & Bentlif Art Gallery in Maidstone, Kent, England, was going through the museum's collection of over 400 Egyptian artifacts when she came upon what was believed to be a mummified hawk. That's not unusual – many mummified animals have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs. The hawk was associated with the god Horus, considered to be the Lord of the Sky and was also a symbol of the pharaohs, who were thought to be the personification of Horus. Harris took the small mummy to the Kent Institute of Medical Surgery Hospital where it was subjected to a CT scan. What they found was not a hawk. "Following the scans at KIMS Hospital, the remains have in fact revealed it is the mummy of a baby." Further analysis determined that the "baby" was actually a miscarried fetus. A few mummified fetuses