| Earth's Magnetic Field Behaving Mysteriously, North Pole Shifting Towards Siberia Rapidly
The rate of the shift seems to be increasing rapidly, we could be in for some serious consequences if this should happen too quicky for us to adjust and adapt. via RT: Earth's magnetic field, the basis for modern global navigation systems, is constantly in some state of flux. However, it now seems to be going haywire, pushing the North Pole closer to Siberia, and no one's sure why. The field changes as the molten metals surrounding the earth's solid iron core churn and flow, creating electric currents and a corresponding magnetic field. As a result, the magnetic poles tend to shift slightly as a matter of course. However, researchers don't know what's causing the magnetic field to now move so quickly. The north magnetic pole sped across the International Date Line last year at a rate of 55 km per year, more than three times as fast as it moved before the mid-1990s. Now located in the Eastern Hemisphere, it's moving away from Canada and approaching Siberia. Scientists think a high-speed