| Earth May Be an Alien Zoo and We're All Just an Exhibition
"Where is everybody?" As the massive alien-searching telescope opened last month in China and probes and rovers look for evidence of life on Mars, the Fermi paradox continues to taunt us: If there are billions of Sun-like stars in the galaxy with billions of Earth-line planets possibly billions of years older, the probabilities are high that there are more advanced civilizations out there than us. Where are they? Enrico Fermi asked it and many continue to ponder, "Where is everybody?" Scientist, TV host and former Irish rock star Brian Cox (D:Ream) recently proposed the pessimistic view that we haven't seen them because they've all killed themselves using advanced technology as weapons rather than for space travel. Recently, an equally pessimistic theory has come back in response. Another rock star sings about it: "Every breath you take Every move you make Every bond you break Every step you take I'll be watching you" The Zoo Hypothesis was proposed in 1973 by MIT radio astronomer John