| Distant Destroyed Planet Offers Hint of Planet Earth's Terrifying Future
Astronomers have revealed that a PLANETARY fragment destroyed by the death of its star offers an apocalyptic prophesy into Earth's future. Earth has orbited the Sun at our solar system's centre for 4.5 billion years. Our nearest star is responsible for life on Earth existing, due to the huge amount of energy it emits. Yet scientists have discovered the Sun will also play a role in Earth's death, following the latest analysis of a planetary fragment 410 light years away. The distant chunk of heavy metal continues its orbit around a collapsed star, dubbed SDSS J122859.93+104032.9, in the Virgo constellation. And the small celestial object, spotted by University of Warwick researchers, is believed to be the remnants of a planet decimated by the death of its star. Scientists have only witnessed evidence of such a planetary fragment circling a white dwarf star once before. And their findings paints an apocalyptic prophesy of our planet's future. When a star is about to die, it expands,