| Discovery of 'Highly Unusual' Mummified 'Bodies' in Peruvian Desert Stirs Debate
You probably already know of the mysterious Nazca lines, now these mummified remains with unusual (non human) characteristics were found in the same desert, could there be a connection? Sputniknews reports: Researchers have found mummified bodies of unknown creatures in the Nazca desert, Peru. The finding caused vivid debate about whether the bodies belong to humans or aliens. The mummies are about 168 cm big, completely white, with three fingers and toes. Their bodies, which were defined as belonging to female species, have no ears and noses. Sputnik Mundo talked to a number of experts and government agencies to shed light on the alleged extraterrestrial origin of the mummies. In an interview with Sputnik, Konstantin Korotkov, professor with the National Research University in St. Petersburg, who took part in the international expedition that discovered the unusual finding, expressed his opinion on the issue. According to the expert, the most important thing at this stage is to