| Cosmic Particles Could Cause Malfunctions of Planes In Mid-Flight and Rig Elections, Scientist Warn
Earth is constantly bombarded by cosmic particles which originate from the deep universe and they are wreaking havoc on our technology. While humans are protected by the Earth's natural magnetic shield, modern technology is not as safe. Scientists have claimed that the neutrons, muons and pions can "flip" a bit of information, which could potentially force a computer to reboot, but more worryingly can cause a plane to turn off its autopilot mode and they have even changed the result of an election. Professor Bharat Bhuva, from the Vanderbilt University, who has been studying the phenomenon, has warned that the problem is "growing and serious". Speaking at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Boston, Prof Bhuva said: "This is a really big problem, but it is mostly invisible to the public. "The semiconductor manufacturers are very concerned about this problem because it is getting more serious as the size of the transistors in computer chips