| Christian Scientist Ponders the Impact of Coming Magnetic Pole Flip
In February, scientists updated the coordinates of the magnetic North Pole a year ahead of schedule after finding that it has been accelerating on its way from Canada to Siberia. The news has prompted scholars to consider what will occur when Earth faces a geomagnetic pole reversal, i.e. the flipping of the position of the magnetic north and south. Dr Hugh Ross, Canadian astrophysicist, pastor and old Earth creationist, has commented on the recent reports about the possible consequences of a pole reversal for life on our planet. "If we lose our magnetic field for a significant period of time, it would have catastrophic consequences for animal life on planet Earth. One thing we notice is we got our strong dipole magnetic field just before God created the first animals. I mean the timing is remarkable", Dr Ross said, speaking to the Christian Broadcasting Network. Fortunately, the astrophysicist noted, "these reversals that we've been hearing about have happened several hundred times in