| Cats and Dogs are Equally Intelligent – New Research Shows
Cats and dogs are more mentally evenly matched than previously thought. It is a question that for centuries dog lovers and cat lovers have fought over like, well, cats and dogs: which animal is more intelligent? Now scientists in Japan appear finally to have settled the matter by proving cats are just as good as their canine counterparts at various memory tests, suggesting they could be equally clever. It is already known that dogs can recollect specific non-immediate events, an ability known as episodic memory. But a study of 49 domestic cats showed the animals were also able to remember which bowl they had already eaten out of and which remained untouched, after a 15-minute interval. The tests further showed that cats, like dogs, were able to respond to human gestures, facial expressions and emotions. "An interesting speculation is that they may enjoy actively recalling memories of their experience like humans," Saho Takagi, a psychologist at Kyoto University, told the BBC. "Episodic