| Bright Meteor Fireball Recorded over Krasnoyarsk, Russia – Third Event in Four Months
Bright and noisy with a long, sparkling green and yellow tail, it was filmed by multiple observers in Krasnoyarsk region. The phenomenon caused fear on the ground. 'I panicked as it sounded and looked like a plane on fire, I got really scared of the noise and shine it created', said a local woman from Krasnoyarsk, the large industrial city. 'I pulled a phone out of a pocket, but it flew across the sky so fast that I only caught a long white trace it left.' Some residents said the meteor was blindingly bright, akin to the light and sparks created during intense welding work. It split into several parts before disappearing in the sky somewhere over Irkutsk region, east of Krasnoyarsk. The local ministry of emergencies confirmed it registered a meteor, and said that it didn't pose a threat to people or infrastructure. It is the third major meteor or meteorite event in four months. On 18 December a meteor exploded close to Russia's Kamchatka peninsula with a force ten times more powerful