| Breakthrough Could Enable the 'Replaying' of Memories After Death
Another future CSI tool to be sure. But this would also be something that could be used to bring comfort to loved ones by perhaps seeing what their loved one's last moments were like *assuming they were not there and not aware of the circumstances), and on the flip side this could be a terrible thing depending on the circumstances of the death. via Express UK: PIONEERING scientists have discovered our brains contain genetic "markers" which could be used to unlock memories after people die – and even get justice for murder victims. The exciting breakthrough, by a team led by Dr Ami Citri at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, conjures up parallels with science fiction shows such as Black Mirror, as well as opening the door for all kinds of other applications, including the possibility of repairing brain damage. Dr Citri's team looked at the formation of memories in mice. Researchers were able to tell which specimens had been in which test group simply by looking at the relative gene