| Bizarre Experiment: Lasers and Anti-Lasers Square Off
The Department of Energy occasionally gets up to some spooky, fringe science. Heavily redacted documents obtained through the Freedom of Information act recently confirmed that the DOE has conducted research on parallel universes and human test subjects, lending credence to some of the more out-there government research conspiracy theories. Just this week, scientists at the Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory announced the results of an experiment which aimed lasers and anti-lasers at each other just to, you know, see what happens. Oh, and apparently anti-lasers are a real thing. The researchers used cutting-edge nanochemistry to develop laser elements capable of the most precise amplification and absorption. By syncing laser perfectly against anti-lasers on the opposite end of a cavity such as a fiber optic cable, near-simultaneous speeds of data transmission can be achieved. Lead author Zi Jing Wong stated in a press release issued by the Lawrence Berkeley