| Astronomers Have Found Another Star That's Mysteriously Dimming
Here we go again. An international team of astronomers have spotted something mysterious blocking the light of a young star known as RIK-210, which lies roughly 472 light-years from Earth. Normally, when a star's light dims, it's a hint that something is orbiting it, such as a planet – but RIK-210 doesn't have any of those things. And it's one of several weird stars we've found in recent months that seems to be experiencing an unexplained dimming pattern. So what's going on? Astronomers frequently monitor the incoming light from distant stars in hope of discovering new planets orbiting them. This type of planet-hunting is aptly dubbed the transit method, because the dimming of starlight can suggest something is passing in front of the star, momentarily blocking its light from reaching Earth. Most of the time, researchers can figure out what's causing this dimming through prolonged observation, and usually it falls into pretty straightforward categories, such as another planet or