| Arizona Manual for Motorists Updated, Now Includes 'How NOT To Get Shot By Police'
Arizona's driver manual is now offering tips on how to avoid getting shot by police in a response to deadly incidents at traffic stops. The revised rule book is believed to be the first in the US to include guidance for armed motorists. In Arizona, residents are allowed to carry weapons without permits. The decision to change the manual was influenced by the fatal police shooting of Philando Castile in Minnesota last year. Castille, who had a gun permit, was fatally shot during a traffic stop after telling an officer he was armed and then reaching for his wallet. The shooting was captured on video a day after the police killing of Alton Sterling in Louisiana sparked widespread protests against police brutality. Reginald Bolding of the Arizona House of Representatives said he pushed for changes to the manual following Castile's death because it was clear that not all firearm owners were trained to handle them. "When you look at what's taken place across the country, you have seen a