| 29 Nuclear Reactors In France Vulnerable to Natural Disaster – Nuclear Safety Authority
A natural disaster could put at risk the cooling systems of almost 30 nuclear reactors at 12 nuclear sites in France, according to the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN). On Monday, the ASN said that 20 nuclear reactors at 8 nuclear plants operated by EDF are potentially at risk of a "total loss of the heat sink," which is classified as 'level 2' according to the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale (INES). Another nine reactors at four nuclear sites are at "risk of partial loss," which is 'level 0' according to the INES. The scale has 7 levels that describe the safety significance of nuclear and radiological events, with the highest level classified as a 'major accident,' and events from levels 1 to 3 classified as 'incidents.' Events without any safety significance are rated as Below Scale/Level 0. The French company EDF, which operates the country's nuclear reactors, said earlier that 20 reactors might not be able to withstand earthquakes, which could cause a collapse of