How Can Copyright Infringement Affect Your SEO
Any experienced entrepreneur will tell you that good SEO is the essence of having your business grow and stay afloat. If you don't develop time, energy, and resources to improve your SEO and keep up with the latest trends, you won't be in the game for long. One of the things that can damage your SEO is copyright infringement. This is something you should be extra careful with and something which will give you headaches if it's not taken care of properly. Most people don't think this kind of content is relevant because they don't think anyone will pay attention to it or now it might be subjected to copyright. Yet, the internet is a cruel place which adheres to honesty, no matter how contradictive that might sound. 1. What constitutes as copyright infringement Essentially, what we're talking about here is duplicate content. This means that the content on your site is exactly or almost exactly the same as content on another website. This can also refer to the same content on your site but