Jewel of the Sultan - Belly Dance Costume -
*7* Piece--Cabaret Costume, Faceted Sequins, Turquoise and Sparkling Silver--Handmade in the Middle East. Bra & Belt--Completely covered in turquoise faceted sequins and beads w/sparkling/ holographic silver sequin and bead designs hand-stitched into cups of bra and front and back of belt. We are the only ones who still use faceted sequins: their color lasts forever & they are more sturdy than flat sequins. This costume can be bent, folded, traveled with and withstand vigorous dancing. It will last you for decades and still look like new. Back of the belt is always the same as the front. This costume took 2-3 weeks of daily work to complete by hand! No machine used here. Skirt & Veil--Chiffon skirt w/ruffled slit in front. Matching, 8-foot chiffon veil. ONLY available in Gold. Accessories--1 matching sequin crown, 2 matching sequin wristbands. Size--Bra Ribcage-30-38; Bra Cup-A to C; Hip Belt-35-38.