The Southern City District | Belgrade Trip
From the south eastern end of Terazije there opens a beautiful wide street with rows of trees – the 6 kilometres long Bulevard of King Aleksandar, which is among the principal arteries of Belgrade. A little furher up the boulevard is the Assembly Member of Serbia Building. Across the boulevard are the Parliament Building. Beyond the Parliamnet, to the left, there opens Takovska Street, leading to the Botanic Gardens. Opposite the Parliament, at the corner of Takovska Street is the General Post Office. Along the boulevard, on a wide plateau, there stretches a large Tašmajdan park. Skirting the park is St. Marko's Ortodox church designed by architect Krstić after style of Monastery of Gračanica. Tašmajdan is being built into one of Belgrade's loveliest parks. It extends for about two kilometres along Boulevard of King Aleksandar from the parliament as far as Students' Hostel. Behind the St Mark's is Russian St Trinity Chapel, built in 1923. Continuing along the same side of the boulevard