The Northern City District | Belgrade Trip
From the northern end of Terazije, on the right begins, Kolarčeva Street, leading to Republika Square , with its monument of Prince Mihajlo on horseback, the work of Florentine sculptor Enrico Paci (1882). On the right hand side of this square rises the National Theatre, built in 1868 and reconstructed after the First World War, on the front is National Museum. From the northern end of Republika Square The Vase Čarapića Street begins and connents the former with the Student Square and the adjoining University park. In Student Square is the Old University building. A solid structure, uniting the elements of Romance-Gothic, and Renaissance style, it was donated "to his homeland" by Danube ship's master Miša Anastasijević. A Next to the Old Universaity is the Kolarac People's University – foundation of Ilija Kolarac and prominent as a representative institution for popullarizing science and art. You can listen the most famous concerts of classic music at night there. In the Student Square