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Belgrade is situated in south-eastern Europe, on the Balkan penninsula, and lies at the very confluence of the river Sava, and one of the three longest rivers in Europe, Danube, which is a unique position on the Continent. The Danube River connects the western and central Europian countries with the countries of southeastren end eastern Europe. The most touristic point of the Town is Mestovic's "Victor" on Kalemegdan. The view of the rivers and of New Belgrade from Kalemegdan, the panoramas of Srem and Banat plains and the hills of Šumadija, from the place below Mestrovic's monument, is a magnificient and fascinating view. In this view is hidden the guide's story, the geographic panorama and before all, the tourist romance which fulfills expectations and which is remembered. Belgrade is the gateway of the Balkans, the crossroads of Europe... Belgrade is one of the oldest, most battered cities in the world. Those who love and know this city today, know it not from what they have seen or